Men's Ties From $1 + Free Shipping @

Men's Ties From $1 + Free Shipping @


'Tis the season for Holiday dinners and events.. which means hubby needs to wear a tie. Where did that one nice one go.. you know.. the one he wore last year around this time? Who knows! If you can't find it, or if he needs a new one, then you're in luck. Right now has ties available from the seller Youhui for as low as $1.02 including shipping.

I love men in ties. Something about the professional and refined look is so sexy. But how often does your man get an opportunity to wear a tie? Perhaps he is in a profession where he wears one every day, or maybe he needs one for Christmas dinner this year. Whatever the case may be, you can shop at Amazon Canada and thanks to the seller called Youhui, you can pay as low as $1.02 for a brand new tie.

There are plenty of options available, and all of the prices are very reasonable. Since they even include shipping in their purchase, you can buy one or one hundred ties and not have to worry about any extra shipping and handling charges. These ties are mostly silk as well, except for their "casual tie" which looks like it is weaved.

Here are some of the ties available and their prices:

There are even a few beautiful shawls for women for incredibly cheap as well. These will make excellent additions to Christmas gifts even. The Women Soft Chiffon Scarf Wrap in Gray With Pink is something I would definitely wear. It is only $2.96 including shipping. Can't beat that price, that's for sure. Actually when you click on this shawl, it has 3 different colour options. Black & white is $1.99, watermelon red is $2.97 and black & grey is $2.96. Can't blame me for buying all three.

Usually has free shipping on orders over $25, however these particular items are sold and shipped by a Chinese retailer called Youhui. They have 100% positive seller feedback which is pretty awesome, and usually you won't get charges any extra fees at your door for products from China. Personally, I have never been charged at the door for anything I order over seas.

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