Memory Express Canada: FREE Copy of SimCity w/ Purchase of Select AMD Processors

Memory Express Canada: FREE Copy of SimCity w/ Purchase of Select AMD Processors


The only thing that makes getting new gear better is getting something to use with said new gear. The only thing better than THAT is getting it for FREE from MemoryExpress Canada!

MemoryExpress has four AMD processors and six systems with AMD chips in them that are eligible for this sale. The processors are from the A8 and A10 series. They run between $100 and $130. The full systems are between $515 and $790. That isn't really the focus of the deal though. The real deal here is the game. The thing is that with processors selling as low as $100 and the game selling for between $60 and $50, you're getting around 50% of the cost back. If you were looking for a new processor, this is a no-brainer but even if you were just looking to get the game, why not pay an extra $50 to get a processor upgrade?

If you've been paying attention to some of the bad press about SimCity you might not think this is a great deal but I've been doing some research and I guess EA and Maxis are taking some great strides to fix the problems. That won't resolve the fact that the launch of the game was absolutely blundered but it makes the game playable. The issue was never that it was a bad game, it's launch was just poorly implemented. But that's in the past and the future is bright and full of SimCity goodness!

Shipping is $4.99. You will receive the game in the form of a key code that let's you get it for free on EA Origin. You must be 17 to get this offer and you must use your code by 12th March 2014. Supplies are limited so if you wait until December to get this, they may not have any left.

(Expiry: 31st December 2013 or while supplies last)


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