Memory Express: 72-Hour sale

Memory Express: 72-Hour sale

What can you do in 72 hours? Well... A lot of things, I suppose. What you really should be doing though is saving money on electronics!

Memory Express actually does these sales fairly often and they always have some really good deal. I picked a few of them but there certainly are more than just these.

All online orders ship in Canada for $4.99 as long as the package is less than 100 lbs. You can also pick up your orders in store happen to live near one of their locations.

There really are a huge amount of deals here so take your time and look around. Also look at the dates on the deals. A lot of them (even some I included above) are on longer than the 72-hour sale itself. The bundle deals are particularly good since you generally get a discount on the individual items and then a discount for getting a bundle.

(Expires: 6th AUGUST 2012)


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