Melissa & Doug Snacks & Sweets Food Cart 1/2 Off, Now $115 + Free Ship @

Melissa & Doug Snacks & Sweets Food Cart 1/2 Off, Now $115 + Free Ship @

Do you remember how much fun it was to set up a neighborhood lemonade stand or seek out other entrenpreneurial pursuits when you were a kid? When I was around 6 years old, my sisters and I painted rocks to look like ladybugs and other 'fun' insects. (Can insects ever be fun? Probably not.) We eagerly placed our wares in a box, hauling the rocks (aka paperweights) around door to door, seeking sales. No one was biting, they just weren't selling.

It wasn't until we spruced up our business by borrowing Jenny's red wagon and sticking bug stickers all over it, that business picked up! We decided that there was no stopping us then, so we created flyers and left them around the neighborhood. Every poster or flyer was hand made since we didn't have photocopy printers in homes back then. I think we netted around 50 cents each, but we learned that presentation makes a difference in the world.

Can you imagine the fun your children and their friends would have with this adorable Melissa & Doug Snacks & Sweets Cart? Think of all of the lemonade and frozen treats they could sell at their very own summer stand with this cute food cart that is 50% off right now, selling for $115, down from $130. The price of this food cart ranges from $225 to $250 at two other major Canadian retailers, so this is definitely a really great deal. The food cart also morphs into a savoury hot dog snack cart with a flip of the signs. Clever! also has a huge selection of Melissa & Doug toys that are on sale for 20% off right now, so you will want to check out all of those toys, as well!

Shipping is free at on purchases over $29, otherwise starts at around $5.95

(Deal expiry: May 22, 2016)


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