Melissa & Doug Happy Giddy Bowling Set, $20 @

Melissa & Doug Happy Giddy Bowling Set, $20 @

I know why the Melissa & Doug brand decided to name their summer bowling set, the Happy Giddy Bowling Set. I mean, just look at the little guys... they are so adorable, I want to buy a few of sets and take them to a family picnic this summer. Not only will everyone have a blast watching the kids (and adults!) play, but can you just see all of the cute smiles, too? Maybe a group picture should be snapped, where everyone is holding one of these caterpillar bowling pins.

The price is $20 for the set of six pins and the ball. I think that's a great price, especially for something this cute! Amazon Prime members will get free shipping.

This would also make a great game for a summer birthday party. There are so many different ways to bowl, for example, you could let them each bowl to knock only one 'caterpin' down so they all can play at once. You would have to dig up some more bowling balls, of course. It takes a lot of imagination to create such a cute toy. This one will be a strike of joy for sure in the hearts of your little ones.

This set runs for $20-$26 at other Canadian retailers, but the best part here is free shipping for Amazon Prime members—or you can top up your order with another $5 deal and reach the $25 free shipping minimum.


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