McDonalds: Pay for a Large Fries with Monopoly Money (AB + BC)

McDonalds: Pay for a Large Fries with Monopoly Money (AB + BC)


So you may think I'm insane, and currently I am tottering in that direction so hey, you might be right! But this promotion was sent to us by McDonalds.. so on this I am for sure and for certain! We got an email from a marketing supervisor for McD's out of BC letting us know that Monopoly days are back at McDonalds and to kick it off you can buy a large fries in BC and AB on October 6 and 7 with monopoly money!

I'll let her tell you about it.

For two days – October 6th and 7th – people can bring in their Monopoly money and receive a free large order of fries.

They just need to hit up the restaurants in Alberta and British Columbia, as that’s where the promotion is happening.

So your readers might want to take a “withdrawal” from their Monopoly banker and use it to treat themselves to world-famous McDonald’s fries! There’s no catch, it really is that easy to get these freebies. There’s just a limit of one order of large fries per customer, per visit.

Sounds simple enough.

So go kiss up to your 'banker' and fetch yourself some 'free' fries!


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