Mateys! Spot Contest: Win a Set Of Michael Kors Aviators Worth $175! (Expired)

*** Expired, winner was Mooser Tania! ***

AAAAARrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! I'll start off this post with a joke sent in by Bargainmooser Emily:

What’s a pirate’s favourite pair of socks?


Thanks Emily! That made me chuckle. :)

Here we have another spot contest to celebrate our fifth birthday on Bargainmoose. Today, we're offering a pair of these funky Michael Kors Aviators sunglasses from Wagjag (value $175).

To enter this contest, just leave a comment below telling us what would be your favourite thing about being a pirate.

Remember, yesterday's treasure hunt is still open, get your contest entry in if you have not yet done so - you could win an iPad Mini or one of two $50 gift vouchers!

Rules: Ends 6pm ET 22nd August 2013, Canadian entrants only, one entry per household.


  • UncleStuart
    Watching ARRRRgh-rated movies.
  • Michelle
    I think my favourite thing would be travelling around to different places and sailing the open water!
  • Molly
    Not having to bother to shower and 'get ready' for the day :)
  • LClarkson
    Lots of **Booty**!!! Arrgh!!
  • Kelly
    Gold, and jewels of course!!
  • Ang
    Traveling the Caribbean in search of treasure!!!!
  • Betty
    All the RUM!! ;-)
  • Steve
    Making others walk the "plank".
  • Amanda R.
    Hunting for treasure!
  • dealhunter
    Getting to travel as the job requirement! The booty wouldn't hurt either. ;)
  • Kales
    The puffy shirt and the eye patch. ;)
  • valerie m.
    Being able to use the word 'booty' without people looking at you funny!
  • Colin
    My favorite thing would be keeping in touch using my smARRRRRt phone.
  • Mandi
    Go exploring, visit tropical places and having an adventure. It's the best way to make memories with love ones, they will last longer and better than just stuff.
  • Annie
    Being on the open sea!
  • Julie
    Travel the world as a living!
  • Jeri
    I've always dreamed of sailing the seven seas and being care free!
  • Leah
    The role comes with an awesome talking parrot!
  • Lucy
    All the fashion of course :p
  • Jodie
    Living on a ship would be great!
  • Ann
    Sailing around the world.
  • Steve P.
    Getting bad people to walk the plank.
  • Linh T.
    Then my son gets to be a mini-pirate as well!
  • Kelly
  • Gillieray
    You can wear an eye patch and people don't ask what's just part of the look!
  • Carris
    Using the word "ARRRR" in every sentence.
  • Lenny Z.
    Travelling the world! Who wouldn't love that?!
  • stacey
    Finding Treasarrrrrrrgh!
  • Melynda
    I'm torn between the sailing & the cute eye patch :)
  • Stephanie
    Travelling the world while collecting treasures along the way!
  • lynne h.
    Travelling on the open seas without fear of being boarded by pirates :)
  • Katy
    Being in shape, outside, and seeing the world!
  • Anne
  • pachalt515
    My favourite part of being a pirate would be all the treasure and sailing the open seas. I would do lots of AARRRRRT while wearing my ARRRGYLE socks while hunting for some booty ;) If being a pirate didn't work out i'd be a ARRRCHITECT.
  • Dave
    The pirates life for me
  • Jocelyn
    Looking for and finding treasure!
  • Grace
    My boys and I love drawing our own maps to hide our treasures for future finding. Plus battling giant octopuses apparently!
  • leah
    having no schedule!!
  • Stephanie C.
    I'd love to have a pet parrot! Polly want a cracker!!
  • Deborah
    Treasure Hunting - and hopefully Treasure Finding!
  • sweetvanilla
  • roofeo24
    Rum!....I mean treasure hunting! Yo ho ho!
  • spamgirl
    My parrot!
  • Melissa
    Life on the open sea.
  • Brandy
    A pet parrot on my shoulder!
  • Batool
    meeting Jack sparrow.. I mean Captain Jack Sparrow :)
  • windowgal
    reading those rad treasure maps and heading off in search of loot!
  • Carrie
    Sailing the Caribbean and hanging out on white sand beaches as I hid my loot ;)
  • Debbie B.
    Living on a ship and sailing where ever I felt like going
  • Steve
    Sailing the seven seas... while working on an awesome tan!
  • AMac
    I would love having a parrot on my shoulder that I could teach to say funny phrases!
  • Erynn
    Arrr....getting lots of "booty" mateys.
  • Vanessa
  • Samantha
    Who wouldn't love to talk like a pirate all day? Awesome!
  • Amber
    the freedom and finding treasure!
  • Nic
    Sailing around the world!
  • Tania
    Being a pirate is the only time it's cool to wear an eye patch!
  • Margarita
    My absolute favorite thing would definitely be the clothes... maybe something similar to what Keira Knightley wore in Pirates of the Caribbean (especially the hat) :P
  • Elaine
    Getting a parrot friend!
  • Taylor
    I would be a pirate any day of the week, but only on one condition: I'd have to be sailing on the black pearl with captain Jack Sparrow!
  • Samantha
    My favourite part is obviously finding treasure! Or having a clever parrot on your shoulder!
  • glychan
    Sailing the open seas
  • Andrea
    Making bullies walk the plank! Into the sea ye bilge rat!
  • Mandy
    Swashbuckling my way through life. Get out'a my way, ye scurvy-infested landlubber!!
  • Gen
    the eye patch!
    OMG, definitely it would be, to be able to wear all those chunky wicked accessories all day long!! I would be in my glory!!! Thanks for this opportunity!! :)
  • Anon
    Chasing the ladies around with my peg leg!
  • linda
    Wearing arrrrgyle socks lol.
  • Melinda
    As a Pirate I would be most excited about treasure hunting!
  • Christina M.
    I would love hanging around the Caribbean. I love these glasses hope I win!
  • Mandy
    all the booty! ;)
  • Gillian
    Bounty hunting! :)
  • Jennifer
    The loot!
  • Bonnie
    Meeting Captain Jack Sparrow ;)
  • Grace
    sail with Caption Jack!
  • Fay
    Travelling the world under sail and searching for sunken treasure.
  • Nana
    The best thing about being a pirate is the drinking, partying, traveling & new adventure all the time
  • Karen
    Going on a pirate's adventure with my 5 year old grandson!
  • merna
  • Ann
    sailing through the Caribbean (in nice weather)
  • Sunnyduce
    Gold and diamonds and jewels!!!!! Oh my!!!
  • Paula
    Having a treasure chest filled with gold coins and jewels.
  • Emily S.
    The view from the crow's nest!
  • Allyson
    Sailing the world and drinking loads of rum

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