Mastermind Toys: Free Bubble Mix ($9.95) With Purchase

Mastermind Toys: Free Bubble Mix ($9.95) With Purchase


Until 12 April, get a FREE Beeboo Bubble Mix with the purchase of another Bubble Mix and the Beeboo Starter Wand at Mastermind Toys. The Bubble Mix is $9.95 and the Starter Wand is $10.95.

This special bubble wand makes it easy for young children to create giant bubbles easily! The Beeboo Wand has 2 large 24 inch handles and a cotton loop in the middle which is dipped into the bubble mix. It is recommended that the Beeboo Wand be used with the Beeboo Bubble Mix to create the best and biggest bubbles.

I can see this Beeboo bubble wand keeping kids occupied for a long time. My kids love bubbles and I know they would be amazed by these giant ones!

(Expires 12 April 2011)


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