Mastermind Toys: All K'Nex Building Sets 30% off

Mastermind Toys: All K'Nex Building Sets 30% off

Mastermind Toys has some really great deals on their K'Nex sets right now until 26th June 2012.  Save 30% on all K'Nex building sets.

When I was a teacher, I used K'Nex in my classroom a lot to help build fine motor skills in my students. The fact that the kids loved playing with K'Nex made it really easy for them to learn.  For this reason, I am also building my collection of K'Nex sets as home for my 2 boys as well.

You will find all sets on sale for 30% off and no matter your budget there will be something in your price range.  The sets range from as low as $6.27 all the way up to $69.97.  They make excellent birthday gifts for a kids party because the kids love to play with them and most parents like toys that help their child learn while playing with them.

There were a couple of sets in particular that caught my eye.  This Kid K'Nex Zoo Buddies was $29.95 now $20.97, I thought it was a pretty cool set because you can build animals.  I also like this K'Nex Introduction to Gears set that was priced at $39.95 now $27.97. What a fun way to learn about gears (which isn't the most exciting topic).

Mastermind Toys offers free shipping for all orders $75 or more.

(Expiry: 26th June 2012)


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