Mastermind Toys: $20 Off Kapla Blocks - Now $39.95

Mastermind Toys: $20 Off Kapla Blocks - Now $39.95

Masterminds has a 2 day deal: receive $20 off Kapla Bocks, now only $39.95 (originally $59.95). This is a box set of 200 blocks to spark you or your child's imagination.

Included is a booklet of building techniques with 40 illustrations and photographs. Kapla Construction Blocks are made for people all over the world, so there are no words - just pictures!

There are some really COOL things you can design with Kapla blocks and tons of videos on tube! This is an awesome one showing guy building a Eiffel Tower: check it out here!

Deal expires 31st, August 2011 around midnight EST.


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