Mario Badescu Skin Care is Now @ Sephora Canada

Mario Badescu Skin Care is Now @ Sephora Canada

I'm usually not much of a morning person, but this news definitely helped perk me up. Sephora Canada now stocks Mario Badescu!

Whether or not you already use Mario Badescu Skin Care products, I almost guarantee you've heard of this brand.

Their simple but effective cleansers, toners, lotions and creams have been available through Amazon and Urban Outfitters for a while now, but just over a dozen of their goodies are now sold online through Sephora.

The best part? Their products are all SUPER affordable. Just take their famous Drying Lotion as an example. A 29 ml bottle is $21 at Sephora, which is actually cheaper than what you'd pay on Amazon.

For now, prices range between $11 and $49 for everything Sephora carries. So the next time you shop, you might want to pick a few things up! Remember, orders over $50 ship free.


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