Marble Slab Canada: Unlimited Mixins with Every Size of Ice Cream

Marble Slab Canada: Unlimited Mixins with Every Size of Ice Cream

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I can barely contain my excitement over this new deal from Marble Slab Canada! You will be able to get unlimited "mixins" for your ice cream for just one price instead of paying extra.

You won't have to pay per weight - now you will get unlimited mixins for your ice cream.  Just pick which size of ice cream you want and load up. The issue I always had eating there before was that everything looked so good and I wanted to try it all.  When you had to pay per mixin before, I ended up just adding one or two, now I can mix and match and not pay any extra.

You can add a huge variety of mixins including cookie dough, brownie bites, strawberries, coconut, Oreo cookies, Skor bar and much more.  You can even add gummie bears to your ice cream.  I have no idea what that would taste like but I bet it is popular with the kids!

It looks like this may be an ongoing deal now because they do not have an expiry.  I don't know of any other ice cream type company that gives you the unlimited mixins as it could ended up costing them a lot.  My guess is that it will be over at least by summer time when people will be going nuts for ice cream! I know I will be heading in with my kids and letting them load up as a big treat.

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