Magic Torture Corkscrew!

Magic Torture Corkscrew!

I sometimes have a lot of trouble opening a bottle of wine. I’m gagging for my next fix of rosé, my hands are shaking, and I just cannot get the damn cork out. That’s where the 3 second corkscrew comes in handy! It may look like a device of inexplicable torture, but it is actually a cork removing tool! And it’s really easy to use. You can buy a 3 second corkscrew for $9.99 in-store @ Canadian Tire. They’re normally priced at $39.99, so it’s a pretty decent discount amount. I really recommend these devices… well worth the money! They’re sometimes known as the “rabbit corkscrew” too, due to the shape of it being quite like rabbit ears.

In fact, I would buy this just for the little foil cutter to take the foil off the top of the wine. The amount of times I have nearly stabbed myself in the hand, or chopped off a finger, trying to remove the foil from the top. I was trying to find a decent video on youtube of how this corkscrew works, but I can’t find one!

Everyone on Canadian Tire agrees with my positive opinions, by giving this corkscrew a rating of 5/5. I drink at least 30 bottles of wine every week, and use this corkscrew a lot. I couldn’t live without it.


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