Magic Bullet Shot $30, Reg. $50 @ Canadian Tire

Magic Bullet Shot $30, Reg. $50 @ Canadian Tire

Looks like it's time to head out to Canadian Tire to buy the Magic Bullet Shot. Our daughter used this throughout her Home Economics course this past school year and she was really impressed by it. I see that the reviews on the Canadian Tire website for this product are excellent as well.

I love our Ninja Blender from Canadian Tire but at this price, it's well worth it to give the Magic Bullet Shot a whirl, so to speak. It's $30, down from the reg. price of $50.

This sale price is on for only 3 days, from today until Sunday. You're saving 40% off so it's well worth the effort to get into a Canadian Store to hunt one down. If you love making smoothies, this machine is amazing!

You can also use this to blend sauces such as gravy, sauces and soups.

Sometimes you can select to pick a product up in-store at Canadian Tire on their website but in this case (at least for me) it doesn't appear possible to preorder. Most likely because it's a stellar deal!

You know what I like best about buying blenders at Canadian Tire? Absolute peace of mind for this warranty, as stated by them:

WARRANTY This product carries a 1 year exchange warranty
redeemable at any Canadian Tire store.

So save your receipt and if anything goes wrong with it, simply take it back to Canadian Tire where they will gladly exchange it for a new one.

If you have recipe ideas for this blender, let us know about them!


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