Mabel's Labels Promo Code: 30% Off The Back to School Pack & Free Shipping

Mabel's Labels Promo Code: 30% Off The Back to School Pack & Free Shipping


Back to school is coming so quickly! How many items did you find in the lost and found last year or were never to be seen again because they weren't labelled? I am not having that happen to me again and EVERYTHING is getting labelled this year! I wish I could have labelled my labels because near the end of the year, those got lost too. Avi recently did a post about all the best deals on labels and she mentioned Mabel's Labels. At the time, our exclusive coupon was the best deal for them, but today and tomorrow only for Book Lover's Day, they are offering 30% off their back to school pack with the book icon, with the coupon code below.

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  • Coupon Code: BOOKLOVER
  • Discount: 30% off the back to school pack with the book icon
  • Expiry: 10th August 2015

Being an avid book lover with a family that also loves books, this is the perfect icon for the Webster clan's labels. Truly, the icon makes it cute and all, but you won't catch me paying an extra 30% for a different one and this one suits just fine!

The Ultimate Back to School combo has a ton of labels and other things to make your life easy when getting names on your kid's stuff. It includes:

  • 40 mini name stickers
  • 50 Tag Mates stick on clothing labels
  • 16 shoe stickers
  • 2 personalized mini tags

While that might sound like too much, if you have multiple kids, those will go quickly. Think about labelling all of their hoodies, jackets and snow gear, plus their shoes, boots, backpacks and lunch bags and even their lunch containers. My son uses a special grip and my other has a special pencil and these cost me money (and time if I have to get new ones) so I label these too. That way another kid doesn't "borrow" their cool pencil or grip, which has happened! I only use one shoe label per pair of shoes because I figure its easier to lose the pair than just one (unless you have a shoe-stealing dog like I do who only steals one of each pair).

I placed my order already and instead of paying the regular price of $42, my total came down to $29.40.

Shipping is free on every order.


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  • Charmb
    Hi, quick question if you have multiple kids do you buy 1 set of labels with surname or 2 sets of label with each child's first name? What's your preference.
    • Anna W.
      My kids are 3 years apart in age. I have been buying them first name labels... but from now on, I am going to get surname ones. As the younger one is hitting school age and using the hand-me-downs from the older sibling. It will be much easier if they've already got just the last name on it!
    • jasper sells oliver labels... package deal availible right now... get two... one for each kid and then use coupon code for 20 off 60 dollar purchase 8406599000607741 So ends up SUPER cheap