Mabel's Labels: Hockey Gear Label Pack Was $17 | Now $11.47 & Free Shipping

Mabel's Labels: Hockey Gear Label Pack Was $17 | Now $11.47 & Free Shipping


Hey Hockey Moms! I've got a great deal for you that will lessen the confusion in the dressing room after the next game. Mabel's Labels has their hockey gear label pack on for 25% off and on top of that you can add our exclusive coupon codeBMOOSE10 for another 10% off on top of that. With a regular price of $16.99, your total comes down to $11.47 and all orders always ship for free.

This label set is not your ordinary label set, it was meant for hockey gear. It contains two skate labels, two number labels, 21 equipment labels and three stick labels. On top of this you can choose your team colours, along with your name and jersey number to add right to the label.

The next time you are in the dressing room and the kids have their skates and sticks everywhere and they all have the exact same brand of those items, you will very easily be able to pick out your kid's stuff. That means they'll be first on the ice and out of the dressing room.

There is one review of this product that gives it five stars all around for price, design and durability. I saw that these are laundry safe (just like all of their labels), which is definitely important considering you will be washing that stinky gear often.

I love the hockey labels and get them for both my sons gear! We also get the loot bag packs very year for school supplies. Love the products!

While I am not a hockey mom (yet), I know they spend so much money on that equipment with hockey being a pretty expensive sport. What's another $11 to spend to ensure that equipment doesn't get lost or stolen?

The labels are also approved for use on all Reebok - CCM helmets.

Bargainmoosers, how many of you label your kid's hockey gear?

Photo credit: Cory Cousins

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