LW Everyone's Outlet Store: Swarovski Crystal Deals

LW Everyone's Outlet Store: Swarovski Crystal Deals


LW is a Canadian outlet store that seems to be starting up in Canada. They also have a website where they sell things at decently reduced costs and ship them across Canada. I was attracted to this website for their current Swarovski deals (that will probably go decently fast) as I enjoy Swarovski items and follow their value.

Here are their current Swarovski crystal related deals (approx. 40% original retail value):

These are excellent prices for Swarovski items (that you can no longer find in Swarovski stores). The shipping PER item is around $11 (I tested it on both the butterfly and the goat kid) to Alberta, but it will be different based on your area code.

LW also has other things like TVs, makeup.. etc. The stuff they have changes every day. I found the shipping for TVs based on my area code EXTREMELY EXPENSIVE. However, if you live in Ontario where there are LW stores, the shipping might actually be reasonable!

Either way, this is a cool little outlet I think I could end up purchasing one or two things at in the future.


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  • Yvonne A.
    I think that LW is just Liquidation World, renamed. I was in the Nanaimo, BC, Liquidation World store last week and I noticed that some price tags and the plastic shopping bag had the "LW" letters on them.