Lush Easter Treats For Moms

Lush Easter Treats For Moms

Ahem, ladies, when you are busy filling up those Easter baskets, don't forget about your own. And Lush has got you covered with all sorts of calorie free Easter goods.

The Chick 'n Mix bath bomb might be too cute to put in the tub. I am picking up one for me and for my girls for $10.95 each. And who can say no to a toffee scented golden egg bath bomb melt. I will smell good enough to eat for $8.95. Or crack open the Which Came First bath bomb to find a surprise inside. You can use each piece of egg and the surprise for three separate baths or indulge yourself in one luxurious super soak for $12.95.

Shipping can range from $6-$10 depending on the weight of your order. Or you can pick up for free in your local Lush store.

A Lush bath sounds like an excellent way to help me recover from the kids' sugar rush on Easter morning. Correction. A Lush bath with a glass bottle of red.


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