Wash Cards Let You Scrub Up Anywhere

They're perfect for when you don't have soap or hand sanitizer
Wash Cards Let You Scrub Up Anywhere

How many times do you wish you could wash your hands when you're out buying groceries or running important errands? I know some stores near me have installed portable sinks at the entrances and hand out disinfecting wipes to everybody who grabs a cart, but what happens when those sinks run out of soap?

Well, that's where something like these LUSH wash cards can really come in handy. These "handwashing aids" are selling FAST, so I'd try to get your mitts on the remaining stock as soon as you possibly can. After all, we know how quickly soap and sanitizer are being bought up across the country!

When there isn't a pandemic happening, these wash cards are perfect for keeping in your pocket or toiletries bag when you're travelling or busy with a full day of errands. You can use them instead of soap to lather up, clean yourself off and smell pretty yummy until you're able to head back home and shower or scrub down.

Each card sells for $2.50, and (since I love the smell of jasmine), I really want to try the Lust Wash Card they still have in stock. Of course, LUSH also sells all kinds of bar soap, so you might want to pick up a couple of those while you're at it. I want to try Honey I Washed the Kids and Good Day Sunshine before they sell out.

And while you probably know how rarely LUSH actually holds sales, I have one more piece of good news: they're offering FREE shipping for a limited time! This is actually a massive deal, because shipping prices across Canada usually start around $6 and increase based on how much your order weighs. Just make sure you spend at least $40 to qualify for this deal and note that this offer is only available until April 30.

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