Lush Canada: Want Freebies & Pampering?! (Tip)

Lush Canada: Want Freebies & Pampering?! (Tip)

Hands up who likes Lush Cosmetics!!? If you do, I’ve got a great tip for you. While this isn’t really a deal in and of itself, it’s a great tip as to how to get freebies from Lush Canada. They have an events calendar online, in which they list all the promotions that are running at Lush stores across Canada.

If you take a look at the Lush calendar, you can see clickable links to many store locations. Just click one of the stores near you, and find out what excellent freebies you can get, and on what date! For some of the events, you have to RSVP, and they provide an email address for each – so read the details carefully and follow their instructions.

Just as some examples:

  • LUSH Hillside Mall, Victoria – June 26th, 2009: Free half hour hand, foot or face treatments
  • LUSH Stone Road Mall, Guelph – June 28th, 2009: Free hair care consultations

But there are loads more events on the calendar – just click through and check out the deals. They don’t have the events calendar up for the month of July yet, but I’ll check on that again and let you know if there is any more info.

Thanks bdjsb7.


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