These New LUSH Bubble Brushes Turn Baths into Art

These New LUSH Bubble Brushes Turn Baths into Art

Bath time is about to get a little more creative – and a lot more fun. LUSH Canada just released a new line of reusable Bubble Bars that look and work just like paintbrushes!

They're appropriately called Bubble Brushes. Each one sells for $7.95 each, and they're part of the LUSH Bath Art collection.

Bubble Brushes come in three colours and scents: Lemon, Candy and Mint. Just hold one under the tap as you run your bath and watch the coloured bubbles appear!

Since each one has a handle (and you're not dropping the bar directly in the tub), you can use them more than once. Just make sure you dry the bar out in between uses.

This isn't the first time LUSH has come up with a really cool Reusable Bubble Bar. You might remember their Bubble Spinner from earlier this year. They sell for $6.95 each and look just like fidget spinners, but they make bubbles in your tub! LUSH is discontinuing them soon, though, so make sure you order yours before they're gone!

Delivery costs are based on how much your order weighs. Ground shipping starts at $6.


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