Lunar Telescope for Kids $39.99 @

Lunar Telescope for Kids $39.99 @

If today's lunar eclipse has piqued your kids' interest in space, a telescope may be in your future. These can be a bigger investment, so why not start with a quality telescope that's geared towards kids and on sale?

Your family can have fun exploring the moon and its craters with this Lunar Telescope for Kids, it's $39.99 today at (reg. $56.24).

Easy to use, the Lunar Telescope comes with a tripod and sets up in less than a minute. It has high quality optical glass lenses with 18x “wide-view” and 90x “close-up” eyepieces, and it even comes with a real meteorite!

If you want this telescope at the sale price, you'll need to place your order today. While fulfilled by Amazon, it is from a third-party seller.

Shipping will be free since it is over the $35 minimum spend.


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