Lululemon: We Made Too Much Sale - Reloaded

Lululemon: We Made Too Much Sale - Reloaded


Lululemon's version of a Boxing Day Sale is to take their "We Made Too Much" sale section, and fill it with goodies. I looked in their this morning to find a ton of new items! I nearly fell over. TOTALLY worth looking at if you are a Lululemon fan.. we aren't talking like 10 - 20 sale items, we are talking over 80 items in the women's section alone, and over 40 in the men's!

Items are going fast, I know this from experience. I had this awesome $29 tank (originally $52)  in my cart and I went to just double check that I had selected the right jacket... and when I clicked into my cart again it was sold out. I was sad. So I quickly finished ordering the rest of my stuff for fear they would disappear too!

Some stuff is even down to 50% off, like this Smash Jacket for men (Size S left). This Effortless Short (women) is just over 60% off at only $19 (orig. $48). They still have all sizes in the grey.


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