Lululemon: Remix Hoodies On Sale

Lululemon: Remix Hoodies On Sale


Lululemon has put a whole bunch of their Remix Hoodies on sale. These hoodies are usually $98 and currently on sale for $79. Thats $19 off. I know Lululemon is a very popular brand and these hoodies are probably their most popular product so I figured this was certainly worth mentioning.

This sale is both in store and online however, there are some hoodies that are online only. These hoodies are:

So those three are online only. They currently have about 10 other colours of the remix hoodie on sale right now, but sizes are selling out quick.

I just bought my first Lulu hoodie ever and I am so happy with it. It is incredibly warm, cozy, fits like it is giving me a hug and yet isn't tight. I love it to pieces and I just got it! Now I understand why people get addicted to these things. lol :-)

Remember: Free shipping!


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