Lululemon: Charming Twist Headband Only $6 & Free Shipping

Lululemon: Charming Twist Headband Only $6 & Free Shipping


**Bump: they are now only $6 each! They make great gifts!**

I have actually grown my hair out long enough to need a headband now but I am not willing to pay double digits for one. This Lululemon Charming Twist Headband was $12 and is now only $6 with free shipping across Canada.

I price compared athletic headbands with Lole Canada as they sell similar quality women's athletic wear. The cheapest headbands there, even in the sale section, are $12, which is the original retail value of this Lululemon headband.

A headband like this has been on my bucket list lately because my hair is getting so much longer than I usually keep it. I am starting to stick it back in a ponytail to keep it out of my face, but I have never liked the look of a single ponytail. The twist headband will stay in place and keep my hair from draping over my face. It might be very useful when I drive with the top down on my car or the windows down.

This headband is very well thought of by reviewers. One reviewer said:

I used it in a hot yoga class and it was wonderful! It stuck on my head and barely slipped. I like that it is not overly tight as some headbands can be.

Another reviewer said:

I have never in my life found a headband that would stay on my head. They pinch and fall off within mins, ever since was a kid. This is the ONLY headband I've ever been satisfied with, including other headbands from Lulu. I was thrilled when they came back in stock. Today I went for a 50 min run and it stayed in place and kept my hair out of my face the entire time. Couldn't be happier!!

I think this review pretty much sold me on one of these headbands thus I just purchased one for myself and it should arrive by the 18th of August as Lululemon has such fast shipping.

I love how the Charming Twist Headband   it sticks no matter what you are doing and doesn't just slip off your head. I have very thick hair, so slippage is very common when I wear anything including elastics around my hair. This would make an excellent gift for a loved one and a fantastic stocking stuffer.

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