Loz Blocks Mini Blocks Characters $3.63 each @ AliExpress

Loz Blocks Mini Blocks Characters $3.63 each @ AliExpress

I feel like I just unearthed a secret treasure of toys! I'm excited about these Loz Blocks characters that I can buy for stocking stuffers. Out of all of the characters and items that you can pick one, I'm positive you'll find one for everyone. Loz Blocks mini blocks sets are on sale for $3.63 CAD each after saving 47% @ AliExpress.

You have to specify which one you would like in the notes/comments,(via letter of choice, as indicated) otherwise you will get a random one from the bunch in the group you selected. These will not be packaged in box, for easier transport.

There are Christmas themed ones, super heroes, TMNT, Pokemon, Toy Story, Sesame Street, Disney, Minions, Hello Kitty and a lot more!

Shipping is free but can take from 37 - 58 days, so with 6 weeks in until Christmas I'll be honest, it may or may not arrive in time for the stocking as it may take 37 - 58 days to arrive. I will tell you this, though -it very well might and if it doesn't, then you'll still have something up your sleeve for the kids for that inevitable snow day.


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  • Jennifer A.

    They are not as easy as they look to build! Took me longer than I am willing to admit. My 8 year old who is excellent at building couldn't figure out the instructions. Also you can't play with them after or they fall apart.

    • CuteSavings

      Hi Jennifer!
      Thanks for your input. It is definitely good to hear what they are actually like once you get them home.