Lowes Canada: Bissell Power Foot Bagless Cannister Vacuum Only $90

Lowes Canada: Bissell Power Foot Bagless Cannister Vacuum Only $90


I mentioned that Sears is having a Black Friday sale this weekend for the Canadian Black Friday with Thanksgiving weekend here. Well, Lowes is doing the same and they have a few doorcrashers for you. One of the best I saw was on the Bissell power foot bagless canister vacuum cleaner, now only $89, with a regular price of $229, saving you $140.

Thanksgiving is a time to be thankful, but it is also a time that a lot of families get together and eat a turkey together. I'll be away this weekend with my family, eating turkey and celebrating my and my youngest son's birthday. I'm thankful that we both made it to another birthday as unscathed as possible! Thanksgiving might also be a time that young couples will have their parents over for a meal, as Thanksgiving doesn't have the pressure that Christmas does. In doing so, you might realize that your home is not up to mom's standard of cleanliness and really need a new vacuum. If you have $100 then this vacuum can be yours.

I looked around for price comparisons and found this vacuum selling on Amazon for $169.99. It was also on Amazon where I found six reviews for this product, giving it an almost 5-star rating. It is pretty amazing that you can get a vacuum for under $100 that has the praises that this one has, like this one:

Very efficient and affordable product. Just a little heavy, though. Very satisfied, would recommend it for any kind of small spaces.

One of the reviewers, who has two cats, said that this thing sucks up the hair like nothing. That is definitely something I could get used to as I have two cats as well, plus a dog and three kids. I need a good vacuum. I'm considering just getting this vacuum to have upstairs, while my Dyson stays downstairs and I don't have to lug anything up and down stairs.

Shipping is free on this item as well, which is nice.

(expiry: 15th October 2014)


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