Lowes.ca: 50% Off Goodtimes Kids Serveware Sets + Free Shipping

Lowes.ca: 50% Off Goodtimes Kids Serveware Sets + Free Shipping


Lowes.ca is offering 50% off Goodtimes Kids Serveware Sets that are perfect for summer family picnics. Originally $15, they are now on sale for just $7.50 with free parcel shipping.

Each set includes a matching plate, bowl, cup, fork and spoon for your child. The sets are dishwasher safe (so reusable) as long as you place them on the top rack.

The first set for 50% off is the Goodtimes Butterfly Kids Serveware Set. The plate and the bowl are both shaped like pretty butterflies in the colour scheme of purple, pink, with yellow accents. The mug appears to be mostly pink as do the utensils, with little butterfly accents on the bottom of the handles.

The second set is all abuzz with yellow, black, and blues! It is theGoodtimes Bee Kids Serveware Set. Again, the plate and the bowl are both shaped like bees and the bee even has a face on the side of the dishes. The top of each dish has wings of blue, which is a nice break from the yellow/black colour scheme. Blue also looks so nice with yellow. You can find little yellow bumblebees accenting the bottom of the included utensils.

The third set, and my absolute favourite, is the Goodtimes Fish Kids Serveware Set. It has the greatest array of colours including light blue, darker blue, green, yellow, and even some pink accents. I just adore the fish design of both the plate and the bowl.  I also really like the two shades of blue they use for the utensils and the cup is blue.

I thought this was a cool deal because kids like personalized items: things that are just for them. In addition, if your child is a fussy eater, then it might be easier to get them to eat if the food is on a 'special plate' or in a 'special bowl' that is all their own. I even think these would be fantastic for a birthday girl or boy instead of plastic/paper that they would then have to throw away.

Even as an adult I like having a mug that no one else really uses and when I lived on my own I literally used one plate all the time. If I still lived alone I would probably just buy myself the fish set and call it a day.

All three of these adorable sets are not only 50% off, but they also receive free parcel shipping across Canada.

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