Lots Of Free Samples Of True Lemon!

Lots Of Free Samples Of True Lemon!

This is kind of a 2 part Canadian freebie for you guys. Firstly, you can get a few free samples of True Lemon or True Lime by filling out the short form on their website.

Click me to order your free samples from True Lemon Canada.

If you complete the request form, you get 1-2 free samples. But here’s the kicker – you can receive up to 15free samples if you want! If you make a comment about True Lemon, either on a blog, a forum, anywhere online, you can get 10 extra free samples. If you include the link to the freebie on the True Lemon site in your post, you can get a bonus 5 samples on top of the first 10! Here are the details from the True Lemon website:

If you mention our free True Lemon samples offer in a chat room, on a message board or in a blog, email us a copy of your posting, and we'll send you 10 complimentary packets - your choice of flavors! If you include the link to our free sample page in your posting, we'll add 5 more packets! Email [email protected]

Sounds easy!! Feel free to use the Bargainmoose comments section below to make a post about True Lemon, if you want to go for the extra 10 or 15 samples.

I’ve never used this stuff at all – have you? Do you like it?

Thanks Bald Monk!


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  • Awa
    Thanks for the info. Will give it a try...i just love true lemon products :)
    • Anna
      Thanks Awa :) Wondered if anyone liked it at all!!
      • Lori
        True Lemon is really good, you should try it! http://www.truelemon.com/canadian_registration.cfm