15% off After Hours Beauty Event @ London Drugs

15% off After Hours Beauty Event @ London Drugs

Who's up for a little late-night shopping? If that sounds like fun to you, head on over to London Drugs, because they're hosting an After Hours Beauty Event!

Here's how it works: you shop their beauty department online and arrange to pick up your order at a London Drugs store near you. If you spend more than $95 on luxury beauty products, they'll give you 15% off!

Their definition of a "luxury" product is a little vague, but it does include a lot of the skincare, cosmetics and fragrances you know and love – so this is a great chance to stock up. Officially, the sale starts at 10 PM PST, so don't wait!

This is an After Hours sale, so make sure you shop tonight! And remember, you won't have to worry about shipping costs if you arrange to pick your order up from a London Drugs store.


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