Lolë Yoga Mat for $19.97 Shipped @ Costco Canada

Lolë Yoga Mat for $19.97 Shipped @ Costco Canada

I almost couldn't believe it when I saw it ... but Lolë yoga mats are back at Costco! Specifically, there's one mat (available in teal), and you can order one for $19.97 shipped.

Let me put it this way. Yoga mats you buy directly from Lolë start at $39. So even though everything also ships free from their website, you really can't beat this Costco deal.

This particular mat is 6 mm thick and available in teal. They're hypoallergenic, reversible, and both of them come with a handy carrying strap! To clean, simply rinse the mat and wipe it down with a diluted vinegar solution and lay it flat to dry.

Some reviewers say this mat is really slippery when you first get it, but the surface is usually more manageable after you try it out a few times. If you're looking to avoid slipping and sliding right from the start, one commenter recommends wiping it down with vinegar first to remove the shiny coating from the mat and then washing it with a mixture of water and essential oils.

Shipping and handling is included when you shop online at Costco (and is rolled into the item price), so you may be able to find these yoga mats for a few dollars less at a Costco warehouse.


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