The Best Prices for the LOL Surprise Bigger Surprise

The Best Prices for the LOL Surprise Bigger Surprise

Last year, the LOL Surprise Big Surprise flew off the shelves right before Christmas – but there's an even bigger craze this year.

By now, you've probably heard of the latest addition to this collectible family. It's called the LOL Surprise Bigger Surprise, and it's set to be their biggest kit yet.

If your kids love unboxing (and, admit it, if you love it, too), this might be the ultimate collectible set. The LOL Bigger Surprise comes with more than 60 different surprises to unwrap – including limited-edition dolls.

Just compare it to something like the LOL Big Surprise (which came with 50 surprises to unbox), and you'll see why this one is the Bigger Surprise. It really is pretty incredible. It's Here! The LOL Surprise Bigger Surprise is in Stock

As a fair warning, it does have a price tag to match. It's currently available for one of the lowest prices at Chapters Indigo (for $119.95), BUT if you shop when there's a 15% off Weekends code, it will only cost you $110.46! You can also find the LOL Bigger Surprise at Toys R Us Canada (where it costs $119.99) and Amazon Canada (for $119.94).

Since almost all LOL Surprise dolls tend to sell out immediately whenever they're available (especially before the holidays), I'd try to order one ASAP. And yes, it will ship free from most stores.


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