Logitech EX90 Cordless Keyboard & Mouse Combo - $24.99 @ Dell Canada (Free Shipping)

Logitech EX90 Cordless Keyboard & Mouse Combo - $24.99 @ Dell Canada (Free Shipping)

I’m not sure how long this Logitech desktop offer will last from Dell, so if you are interested, order it ASAP. For only $24.99 with free shipping, you can get the Logitech Cordless Desktop EX90package. This is a reduction of $15 on their regular price for this wireless keyboard and mouse. (DealGuild Canada gives a 1.5% cashback instant rebate)

If you’re still messing around with wired computer keyboards and mouse/mice/mices, definitely think about changing over to the desktop of the future… wireless!!

I actually have a Microsoft keyboard (interesting that good old “Word” thinks that Microsoft needs to be capitalized). My partner uses a Logitech desktop package, and I find it quite different when I go and try to type something on his PC. The Logitech keys seem a lot smaller and closer together than my Microsoft. I feel like I have big fat fingers.

Although I must say, my keyboard (the Microsoft 1045) is really loud!! When I type it sounds like I’m typing with toffee hammers. His Logitech keyboard, in comparison, is much much quieter.

On a similar note…. Check out this story about Apple’s new MacBook being released without a “B” on the keyboard. Made me chuckle!

- Anna


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