Loblaw Canada: Get $20 In PC Points For Every $80 Spent (ON)

Loblaw Canada: Get $20 In PC Points For Every $80 Spent (ON)

This deal had me jumping for joy. Everyone has to buy groceries, so saving 25% off is pretty amazing! If you are a PC Plus member, or will become one, you'll get $20 in rewards points for every $80 you spend this week, starting Friday - in Ontario stores only. You can load your offers tomorrow morning before you go shopping.

I spend about $900 on groceries every month. This means in a week, I'll probably spend about $225 or more because I usually do a big shop one week, a smaller one the next. If I end up spending $240 on my shop tomorrow morning, I'll get $60 in reward points, plus whatever reward points I get for their other offers. I think this is amazing: $60 off just for doing my regular shopping!

Loblaw isn't just a food store, either. They have the Joe Fresh clothing line plus household goods and more. Now would be an awesome time to get some of the summer stuff that is probably already sitting on sale to clear out for back to school items. If a patio set they are selling was regularly $499, say reduced to $299, you'd get an additional $80 off this purchase.

(Expiry: 25th July 2013)


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  • sam
    Is this all of canada or just in Ontario. On redflagdeals it says ontario only.
    • Anna W.
      Yes Sam, looks to be Ontario only!