Living Well Canada: $25 In Printable Coupons For Winter Medication Essentials

Living Well Canada has printable coupons for over $25 in savings on 10 different medicine items.  Quebec residents will receive mail in rebate offers only.

Coupons available:

  • Tylenol Extra Strength - $3 off
  • Children’s Tylenol - $2 off
  • Imodium - $2 off
  • Zantac - $2 off
  • Polysporin - $2 off
  • Motrin - $3 off
  • Tylenol Cold and Flu - $3 off
  • Benylin - $3 off

It really is that time of year when we go through a lot more medications than any other time.  Children are back in school and more likely to bring home those wonderful little germs and share them with you.  Our household goes through mostly Tylenol and cold medications.  I have learned the hard way to check the dates on the medicines I already have and replace them if necessary.   It’s much better to stock up on these things now when you can get a discount.  Having any illness in the house is stressful enough without having to run out and find the proper medication at the last minute.

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  • falcon
    Awesome! Thanks for this.

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