Live The Island Life with $50 off $100 Purchase @ Tommy Bahama

Live The Island Life with $50 off $100 Purchase @ Tommy Bahama

Tommy Bahama sells so many different things! Clothing for women & men, tableware, bedding, bathroom accessories other stuff that make great gifts.

Tommy Bahama is currently offering a promotion where you'll save $50 USD off of a $100 USD purchase when you sign up for the Tommy Bahama email list. Pricing is in USD currency and there's no duty charges on shipments to Canada.

This link will take you directly to the Tommy Bahama retail store, so just fill out your name, email address and 'zip code' first, to get your coupon. (Your postal code doesn't work, so you might need to be creative there.) The offer is applicable to Canadian online orders, you can see that in the fine print.

It's extremely difficult to find high quality clothing in Big &Tall sizes for men so I have to applaud Tommy Bahama for including a great selection of Big & Tall sizes for men on their website. (Tommy Bahama Big & Tall apparel isn't sold at their retail locations.)

As a pricing example for how this coupon will work, you can grab a man's Tee in sizes up to 4 XLT for $ 58.00 USD. If you purchase two of them (thus spending over $100) you can save $50 from the link above.

You would be charged $81.90 USD for two Tees including shipping charges and taxes (in Alberta as an example) which works out to around $107.52 CAD total for two Tees, depending on the exchange rate at time of processing your order.

Shipping is $12.95 USD.


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