Little Soles: Get a 20% Off Coupon for $1

Little Soles: Get a 20% Off Coupon for $1


This is an odd little promotion I thought I would run by our Mooser community. Little Soles is offering 20% off exclusive coupons for their store, but you need to pay $1 to get them.


Click to purchase your coupon code. You will receive an email with your exclusive code to use at our online store to SAVE 20%. This is a limited time only - codes will only be on sale until May 30, 2011! *Coupon code expiry June 30, 2011*

It is a rather interesting way to do a promotion - very unique. I would think the credit card charges per transaction would defeat the benefit of charging $1 per coupon. What do our Moosers think?


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