Little Live Pets Gotta Go Turdle $39.99 @ Toys R Us

It's a biggie for this Christmas!
Little Live Pets Gotta Go Turdle $39.99 @ Toys R Us

Kids love any sort of toilet humour and so they will lose their minds with the Little Live Pets Gotta Go Turdle. It's proving to be very popular, so make sure you get one now in time for Christmas. Toys R Us have it for just $39.99 which is $10 less than most other places!

Little Live Pets Gotta Go Turdle

The name of this new Little Live Pets interactive toy makes me laugh... the Gotta Go Turdle!

Shelbert the Turtle comes with a toilet, feeder scoop, reusable 'turtle food', and 3 x AA batteries.

It works by feeding Shelbert the magic turtle food and he will wiggle it down his neck. Pour it in his mouth and you'll hear the telltale laugh and a song before he poops it into the toilet.

Scoop up the poop, let it dry out, and it can be used as food again.

Recommended for children aged 4 year old and above.

Shipping is free of charge when you spend $50 and use coupon DOORDASH.


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