Little Burgundy Canada: The North Face Women's Paree Boots $49.99 (Orig. $140)

Little Burgundy Canada: The North Face Women's Paree Boots $49.99 (Orig. $140)

I just bought this deal: so it must be pretty good! Little Burgundy has The North Face women's Paree boots on sale for $49.99 - originally priced at $140! They have sizes 9, 10 and 11 still available between the black and the white colour.

I just snapped up the last size 8, sorry girls! My current boots are pretty much shot after this season, so I knew I would need new winter boots for next year. March is one of the best times of the year to buy winter boots as the sales are incredible and they are getting near the tail end of their last year's stock: so good deals but limited selection. The North Face is a very well known brand and I can just imagine my feet nestled oh-so-cozy inside these boots: they are going to be warm all right! Saving $90 on them will leave my bank account warm too.

If you are not subscribed to Little Burgundy's newsletter, sign up and get a coupon for 10% off. It says it can only be used on regular priced items, however, I used it on these boots just fine. It gave me $5 off, which covered the cost of shipping (which was $5).

It is a good idea to plan ahead!

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  • Jen
    These boots are NOT a good deal as they are not even water proof. Just because they are North Face does not make them high quality. I was warned against them by a clerk at a reputable shoe store in town
    • Andrea
      These boots are called the "Destiny Down" - and as Jen pointed out, these are not waterproof, just water-resistent. However, they are incredibly light, very warm, and suitable for those who are walking on cleared sidewalks, in parking lots, etc. I picked mine up in the States at an outlet for $39, and would not hesitate to pay $49 if you understand they are not intended for trudging through deep/wet snow!
      • Anna
        I like the white ones, the black ones are a bit too shiny for my liking.