Lite-Brite $19.96 @ Walmart

I bet you had one too when you were a kid!
Lite-Brite $19.96 @ Walmart

When you were little did you have one of these? I know I did and it was one of my favourite toys! The Lite Brite Ultimate Classic Set is available to buy now and it's just like the original. Walmart are selling it for just $19.96 which is the best price around

Lite Brite Ultimate Classic Set

The Lite Brite Ultimate Classic Set is a peg board that lights up and lets your child create glowing art. They can use the design templates or fashion their own designs and once they're done they can activate the light show to illuminate their creation.

There are four different light shows to choose from including blinking, pulsing, steady and random.

This awesome toy comes with over 200 round pegs in white, yellow, blue, pink, orange and green, plus six different templates.

This is a great Christmas present idea, and one you'll enjoy playing with.

Pick up only from Walmart stores.


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