Linked In: One Month Free Trial Of Job Seeker Premium Account

Linked In: One Month Free Trial Of Job Seeker Premium Account

If you are looking for a job, one of the best places to start your search and get connected is on LinkedIn. LinkedIn is basically the Facebook of the career world, where you post your profile, including your skills, an online resume and your contact information, then you connect with people you know and potential people you'd like to know. Right now if you have a free account with LinkedIn (or you can sign up for one), you can get a free one month trial of LinkedIn's Job Seeker Premium account.

Note that the link will only take you to the right place if you have an account. Otherwise it will take you to the LinkedIn page where you can sign up and sign in, then try the link again to get to the right page for the trial membership.

Networking is said to be the best way to get yourself that initial interview, as it's who you know, not what you know in the job seeking world. As a freelancer, I have found this to be very true. Even people who aren't actively looking for jobs should have a LinkedIn profile, for one because you never know when you might need it and having all those contacts in place before you need them is important. Plus, you never know when one of your contacts might need to be introduced to one of your contacts and paying it forward is important for good karma.

This deal really is for the job seekers out there who want to get seen. With the basic free membership, you can connect with people, send messages to your contacts only and search for others. With the premium account, which normally costs $30.95 a month, you get:

  • To become a featured applicant, where your application is moved to the top of the recruiters list
  • A premium badge so you stand out in search results
  • See the list of who has viewed your profile (I find this so handy!)
  • To be part of the job seeker group & webinar where you can get advice & support for landing that job
  • Five In Mail messages, which you can send to anyone on Linked In with In Mail and you are guaranteed a response

(Expiry: 25th April 2013)


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