Lindt Chocolate Clearance from $1.99 @ Hudson's Bay

Lindt Chocolate Clearance from $1.99 @ Hudson's Bay

Bunny didn't bring you as much as you would have liked? Head over to Hudson's Bay to satisfy your chocolate cravings while Lindt is 50% off!

My weakness is dark chocolate. Super dark Lindt chocolate to be exact. My absolute favourite are the LINDT Assorted Chocolate Mini Egg Bags because while I'm enjoying the dark ones, I can pass along the milk and white chocolate eggs to those little people that I'm trying to teach to share. They're just the right size for a chocolate fix without sending them bouncing off the walls. They do come as Milk Chocolate Bags as well, if you'd rather stay away from the assorted varieties. The 300g bags are typically $10.29 and now down to $5.14 each.

If you're looking for more Gold Bunny Milk Chocolate Hollow Figures, the set of 5 mini and 1 large figures will work well! I love putting these on top of cakes and cupcakes, whether with or without the wrappers. There down to $7.99 from $15.99.

For days you're feeling extra fancy with your chocolate choices, the 100g Caramel Mini Egg Bagsare $1.99 from $3.99 too!

Free Shipping starts with orders of $45, so stock up or you might as well add in a new pair of spring sandals!


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  • RYP

    If you live near a Lindt store, Easter chocolate is 60% off.