Limited Edition Hudson's Bay Barbie $60 @ Hudson's Bay

Limited Edition Hudson's Bay Barbie $60 @ Hudson's Bay

Hudson's Bay has captured this spot on:

Two fashion icons meet in this HBC Striped Barbie Doll.

I was so pleased to see this exclusive limited edition Hudson's Bay Barbie debuting today on the HBC website!

I was surprised to see she's selling for $59.99. (I would have expected her to cost a lot more.)

I've mentioned before how fond I am of our Canadian heritage that surrounds Hudson's Bay. To me, this stunning Hudson's Bay Barbie is symbolic of Canada.

I'm going to buy her. I will keep her in the collector's box. No, I won't! It will be a dilemma for sure, whether or not take her out of the box.

Since I'm actually buying her for my daughter though, I'm pretty sure she will be removed from the box. That's a good thing, because my daughter's other Barbies would die to wear that classic HB coat that Hudson's Bay Barbie is wearing. Look at the detail on the buttons!

Barbie has quite a few accessories, including an adorable, obviously well behaved dog who is wearing a Hudson's Bay dog sweater.

Shipping is free on orders over $99 or over $49 with an HB card. Otherwise shipping is $7.95.


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  • Annette H.

    I ordered mine already before they sell out. It's on its way!

    • Ashley I.

      I feel the need to buy this hahahaha

      • Chanda N.

        It's the dog. We need the :dog:!

      • Carey W.

        we need to get her :yellow_heart::blue_heart::green_heart::heart: