Lil' Gleemerz Babies for $10.49 @ Mastermind Toys

Lil' Gleemerz Babies for $10.49 @ Mastermind Toys

Remember Lil' Gleemerz? They were really big around the holidays, and now there's a new addition to the family: Lil' Gleemerz Babies.

These new toys are a pint-size version of the original Lil' Gleemerz. Basically, they're teeny interactive creatures that look a little like lemurs – but they light up (hence the name).

Each one has a different look and a signature rainbow plush tail. All you have to do is press their nose to see their tummy light up in LED rainbow colours. Lil' Gleemerz Babies respond to movement, too, so tilt your new friend to hear them purr and even shake them a little to hear them fart!

So far, I've seen them in stock at Mastermind Toys, where they usually sell for $14.99 a piece. But if you shop soon (probably within the next few days), you can get them on sale for $10.49!

They're also occasionally available through Amazon Canada, so it's worth checking there, especially if you're hoping to see a lower price. The last time Amazon had them in stock, Prime members could pick these Lil' Gleemerz Babies up for just $9.99 each. We'll keep an eye out for them elsewhere, too.


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