Lil Cuddler Foam Chair Now $25 @ Walmart Canada

Lil Cuddler Foam Chair Now $25 @ Walmart Canada

What is cuter than children's furniture? Just like them, it's fun and adorable to have around. Walmart has this cool Lil Cuddler Foam Chair on clearance on their website for only $25. It was also originally inexpensive, going for $35.97.

I love mini furniture for my toddler, but usually it is so expensive. It's like there is a markup on all things cute and small! That's not a problem with this foam chair, at only $25, you don't need to worry about your child staining this chair or ripping it. It would be nice if children kept their things in good condition, but let's be honest, they rarely do!

On the bright side, this chair is described as being very easy to clean. Great news for those juice spills! Another cool feature for this chair is its expandable capacities. Shaking the chair will make it expand to make place for your older children. The chair is recommended for children from 1 to 5 years old.

If you buy for more than $25 at Walmart online, your shipping is free! If you're only interested in this chair, get it shipped for free at your local Canada Post or at your local Grab & Go locker.

Moosers, do you children have kid-sized furniture?

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