Magic Balloons: "Bunch o Balloons" Products From $12 @ Amazon - NOW Available to Buy!

Magic Balloons: "Bunch o Balloons" Products From $12 @ Amazon - NOW Available to Buy!

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Have you been searching for the super popular “Bunch O Balloons”? The good news is we have found a few similar products for you to try at a great price. Check out Magic Water Balloons that are available for only $11.99 at Amazon Canada!

(Please click the link under the price which is something like, "4 new from...")

We know how much our Bargainmoosers love “Bunch O Balloons”, so when we came across the very similar “Magic Water Balloons” product, we had to share. "Magic Water Balloons" is our new BFF and a steal at only $11.99 at Just like this original, this comes in a three pack of balloons. Each one has 37 balloons per hose attachment. I suspect they give you a few extra anticipating there may be a few that do not fill properly. Magic Water Balloons comes with 37 balloons per hose attachment, meaning you can have up to 111 balloons for the entire package.

Another alternative isEau Balloon Magic Balloonsover on We like this option because you can buy one pack for only $13.68 with completely free shipping. There is no need to meet the minimum of $25 for Amazon Canada’s free shipping, you can pick up only one of these balloon sets and they will still ship free. This version does sell from a secondary seller on Amazon Canada, so the wait time to receive the product with the free shipping may be a little longer. When I add it to my cart, it shows the arrival date of in August. If you are willing to wait, this is a great price for this product that includes shipping costs.

Both of these options are slightly cheaper and quicker options than most of the locations listed in Brooke’s post. Canadian Tire is currently the cheapest location to pick up the original Bunch O Balloons at $12.99, assuming your local location has them in stock. London Drugs has the original still available for $14.99, but you will need to pick up in store or pay big shipping costs. Mastermind Toys also has the original Bunch O Balloons in stock for $14.99, and the minimum of free shipping is $50.

There are no reviews on this product anywhere in Canada, and Amazon seems to be the only one selling this version. There are a few reviews feeding into this post about this product and they seem to be mixed. Those who liked the product seem to be really super excited, so I would give this alternative a try.

Magic Water Balloons is fulfilled by, which means you will receive free super saver shipping if you order is over $25. You could pick up two sets of Magic Balloons and a small filler to reach that $25 minimum. When I need a tiny filler, I always search the Amazon Canada Add-on program for tiny and useful items I can only purchase when placing an order over $25. Those of you who just picked up the new Amazon Prime service in the past few days will be able to ship this item by itself with absolutely no minimum.

Magic Water Balloons make having the ultimate water fight in minutes amazingly awesome and is quickly becoming among our favourites here at Bargainmoose. We are not alone, “Bunch O Balloons” has been selling like hotcakes, and they can be a little tough to find on the shelves right now. Everyone wants to be able to fill up 100 water balloons in three minutes, including me!

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  • sandra
    Bought the bunch o balloons in the states and they are awesome. Instant water balloon fight.
    • sandra
      Also saw these in the walmart flyer for 10.00 starting this week.
      • Anna W.
        That'd be great - but the reason I asked Kristy to write this post is that people all over Canada are having trouble finding this item anywhere at all - and the price online at Amazon is decent for a hard-to-find item.
      • Anna W.
        I got the "magic balloons" and they were fantastic!