Leons Canada: 2 Free Queen Sized Pillows

Leons Canada: 2 Free Queen Sized Pillows



Leons Canada is celebrating reaching 60,000 "Likes" on Facebook with a great free offer.  Get a voucher for a pack of 2 queen sized pillows for a limited time only.

If you have signed up for our Mooseletter, you already found out about this deal yesterday. There is some fine print for this freebie:

To receive Your voucher, click the tab under our banner that says “Get Your Free Pillows”. Fill in the necessary information and you will be shown a voucher on screen with the option to : print, save to your phone, email to yourself. DO NOT SCAN THE BARCODE. The barcode is to be scanned in stores. If you accidentally scanned your barcode, please send us an inbox message with the email address you use for Facebook. All email addresses are matched to the unique codes on your voucher- so be sure to keep the voucher so we can verify.

If you "liked" Leons on Facebook, you will be able to redeem your voucher for your two queen sized pillows in-store between December 6 to 8, 2013.  The value of this freebie is a whopping $39.

This is a great freebie to get and keep for yourself or give away as a gift.

(Expiry: 18th October 2013)


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  • sylvia
    My husband and I bought the Morrow set from Leons before Christmas. It was a very nice looking set however we had to roll off the furniture to get off because the recliners were so stiff we could not get them down. So we went back to the store and the sales people showed us a leather set which was power for $1300 more on top of the price of the first set which brought the total to over $4000 including tax etc. The second set was damaged which resulted in a new back and pillows on the arm of one couch. The chair leather was damaged on the arm and the material was ripping away on the chair. We had barely sat on this furniture because it was damaged and didn't want to blamed for it. The other couch seemed to be okay. However we looked at the other couch yesterday and noticed that there was some debris under the Italian leather which obviously is going to work its way through upon any use. So this makes three pieces of furniture which is unsuitable. We have been trying both these sets out and found they are from China. They are not made for comfort and are totally unsuitable for seniors. To date they are repairing the furniture and replacing it but it is still garbage. I hate it now and I definitely feel we have been ripped off. We told them we are seniors and need furniture that is comfortable but they don't care they got our 4 thousand dollars in their bank account. There ought to be a law about this.