Lenovo 7 Days of Prizes - Final Day! Win a Z50 Laptop (CLOSED)

Lenovo 7 Days of Prizes - Final Day! Win a Z50 Laptop (CLOSED)



*** Contest now closed - winner was Mooser Greg! ***

Today is the last day of our Lenovo giveaway and we are going out with a bang! Today you've got your chance to win a Lenovo Z50 laptop! This laptop is regularly priced at $749.99, but it is on sale right now for $599, depending on how you want it configured.

If you are looking to buy this laptop for yourself, I suggest spending the little bit extra and getting the i5 or i7 processors. Both of those models are also on sale.

The Z50 has a 15.6" HD LED glossy display, 4.0GB memory and a 500GB hard drive. It also comes with a DVD recordable optical drive and a one-year warranty.

Which one of our readers needs a new laptop? This would make an awesome Christmas gift to give yourself, or even a loved one. I'm sure your kids would definitely appreciate a new laptop under the tree for getting school work done and the "occasional" gaming.

Entering this contest is easy, just answer the question below!

How to win this prize?

Who would you give this laptop to if you won and why? Let me know in the comments below!

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  • Canadian entrants only
  • One entry per household
  • Ends 8th December 2014
  • Rules subject to change at ad


Reply to
  • lennypuz
    My mum! She's just learning to type this would be perfect for her!
    • phiguy27
      This would be great for my dad.
      • Gary
        My dad! He's had an ancient Dell desktop in his home office for years and is in desperate need of an upgrade!
        • Adam D.
          I would give this to a friend who when Rogers came to install their Wi-Fi and had to set up the network simply said that the laptop they had was ancient nowhere near modern-day technology and needs to be replaced. That was four months ago and the laptop dinosaur is still in use. Allow us to put this dinosaur to bed and allow him to join his extinct friends.
          • mongupp
            My kids. They would use it for research and games.or maybe i would anonymously gift it to someone who needs one.
            • Batool
              I will gift it to myself! I am a new freelancer in a dire need of a one sturdy and reliable laptop.
              • Amanda W.
                If I was fortunate enough to win this laptop, I would donate it to the school that I am a volunteer at in Huancayo, Peru. The school teaches children from the poorest areas. I teach English and photography.
                • amber Y.
                  I would give this to my sister! i'm always sending her links to things and she can never open and read them on her phone. She needs a laptop!
                  • Linda
                    My son is starting a new job, moving to another city into a new apartment. He needs a computer but has too many expenses right now with this new apartment. It would be nice to give him this for Christmas.
                    • Ken
                      My daughter is in her first year of university and surviving with an older laptop so this would definitely be hers.
                      • Sandra
                        my daughter is heading off to university soon.
                        • Lisa
                          My husband. His current laptop is on life suppoty
                          • Karen
                            I know someone with a disability,gift it to her
                            • Linda
                              I feel like my son has turned is life around in the last couple of years. He has become so responsible and has started a new job in his field and making it on his own in his new apartment. With all of his expenses, I would like to give him a break and give him this computer for Christmas
                              • Tami
                                I would give this to my brother as the one he has is so old and slow. He needs to update his computer skills as he's looking for a new job and doesn't want to do factory work the rest of his life. This would help him a lot. Thanks for the opportunity!
                                • Christy
                                  I totally need a new laptop, mine is on its last legs
                                  • judeh
                                    To the "Merry Go Round Children's Foundation" program, Kids, Cops and Computer .
                                    • Gayle E.
                                      Me! The kids claimed my previous one.
                                      • missprairiegirl
                                        I would give this to my husband. His computer is on its last legs!
                                        • Colin
                                          My wife would get this under the tree. She is a photographer and needs a new laptop for her home-based business.