Lenovo 7 Days of Prizes - Day 5 - Win a $70 Lenovo Backpack (CLOSED)

Lenovo 7 Days of Prizes - Day 5 - Win a $70 Lenovo Backpack (CLOSED)


*** Contest now closed, winner was Mooser ZinkFollowers! ***

Today we've got a prize that would suit anyone. Win the Lenovo 15.6" B8050 all-purpose backpack, worth $69.99.

This backpack isn't for pre-schoolers - it can carry your PC, all of its accessories and more. It has three large storage compartments, along with a hidden security pocket for your wallet, passport or other important items that you want to access easily, but don't want thieves to know is there.

The comfort options include air flow back padding so you won't sweat under the backpack, ergonomic shoulder straps and a showable rain cover that will protect your laptop and all your other devices from those surprise thunderstorms. Even still, the outer fabric is waterproof and wear-resistant.

Who wants to win this prize? Tell me!

How to win this prize?

Tell me the funniest item you've ever carried in a backpack. Let me know in the comments below.

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  • Canadian entrants only
  • One entry per household
  • Ends 6th December 2014
  • Rules subject to change at admin’s discretion


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  • mongupp
    I don't know about funny things but i used backpacks for diaper bags!
    • Teresina
      I had a mini-billiards table in my backpack when I was a kid. When I met up with my friends I'd pull it out ;D
      • janicour
        I carried an electric coffee grinder, and an electric toothbrush, even though most places I went had no electrical outlets.
        • Irene
          I've used it to carry potted plants that I bought on a whim at a garage sale when I was riding my bike with an old backpack on.
          • Steven
            I carried a ziplock bag of sand from the beach so i could run my fingers in it to feel like summer again.
            • Rod
              Well, tried transporting my hockey stick while biking but didn't work out very well and didn't get very far but I supposed it looked a bit ridiculous :-P
              • CalgaryCaper
                My lunch bag, which isn't funny on its own. However a sock I had packed for my workout that day had gotten stuck to the Velcro. I almost put it in the work fridge like that. There probably would have been some comments if I hadn't noticed it.
                • Katy
                  We don't own a car, so a backpack is kinda important to us. We've put a propane tank (empty and then full), 150 lbs of granite, and a nephew in ours (not at the same time though).
                  • UncleStuart
                    A baby alligator.
                    • Stephanie
                      I carried a dirty diaper around because I couldn't find a garbage can. BLECH!
                      • David
                        I carried rocks that I picked up at the beach to decorate my yard with.
                        • Bob
                          My bagpipes, my padded computer backpacks makes a fine carrying case for them.
                          • darci
                            My dog when he was being a lazybones on a hike
                            • ZinkFollowers
                              Carried an apple for a month since I was too lazy to throw it out.
                              • KittyPride
                                I had a backpack I used as a purse, always thinking outside the box
                                • SueSueper
                                  I carried paper towels, always on hand, just in case.
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