LEGO Stackable Storage Bricks Small $15 & Medium $20 @ Chapters Indigo

LEGO Stackable Storage Bricks Small $15 & Medium $20 @ Chapters Indigo


I was looking at fun and funky storage options for kids and adults alike. I ran across these LEGO Stackable Storage (2) Bricks for only $14.95 at Chapters Indigo. Now, if you need a larger storage solution, then you can buy the LEGO Stackable Storage 4 Brick in yellow, red, or blue for just $19.95. Not only are these the cheapest LEGO Storage bricks I can find in Canada, there is also a good selection of colours at Chapters.

I price compared the two (2) bricks at Amazon Canada where they retail from $18.53 to $23.94 depending on the colour you want. Sears Canada has both the red and the yellow two-brick on sale for $19.99 each. In addition, I found these (2) bricks at Staples Canada for $29.99. Certainly, Chapters Canada has the best price around!

I also price compared the medium storage LEGO bricks (4) at other retailers. The same size bricks start at $30.81 up to $33.78 at Amazon Canada. At Staples Canada, the same bricks retail for $36.99.

Choose from three different classic LEGO storage brick colours: red, yellow, or blue. All three are currently in stock in both the medium and the large LEGO storage bricks. These bricks are an easy and fun way for kids to store their LEGOs and other toys. The bricks are designed to stack together just like the original LEGO blocks.

I think this might just be the coolest organization tool ever. I am an adult and I even want a set to store small essentials in. I was thinking of a couple of the yellow brings for my bathroom. One storage container would be for brushes, one for spare soap, and one for cosmetics.

I know kids will find plenty of uses for their cool little LEGO storage blocks. You will enjoy saving money on these blogs and still making your child awfully happy. Maybe it will teach your kids some needed organizational skills as well.

These bricks are best when mixed and matched with bricks of all sizes and colours. Receive free shipping on $25 or more.

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